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"Sure, bring the dog!"

That's the whole idea behind The Real Boss, a new line of creative accessories for dogs (and owners) on the go.  The folks at Real Boss know that a family dog isn't just a dog - she's The Real Boss who just happens to have 4 legs and a tail.  And leisure time is more fun when she's around.

What do pet owners beg for?  Practical innovations.  Easy-to-use ideas that make travel hassle-free.  The Real Boss developed a product line with "fetching" ideas that are packed with quality and priced right.

Peter Russo, a dog owner himself, says the inspiration for The Real Boss came from his own experience.  "Having a dog as a member of your family, you understand the importance of smart pet products.  Before Real Boss, even taking your dog for a long walk posed challenges.  And when we'd take him on trips, whether for the day or the weekend, we'd have to pack stuff for him that was never made to travel."

All Real Boss accessories enhance, rather than replace, existing canine products.  Special attention was paid to packaging that's not just attention-grabbing, but owner-friendly, too.  Information is clearly presented, and backed up by a free helpline direct to the Real Boss offices.